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Canon Edit

Dark Body, Light ( Or the Tale of the Stalfos ) Edit

  • Chupacabra vs Balter ( skipped )
  • Daniel vs The Cyclops
  • Stubbs vs a Giant Spider
  • Wisp vs Ogre
  • Carmeline vs The Flesh Golem
  • Daniel vs Chupacabra
  • Daniel vs Wisp
  • Daniel vs Dracula
  • Daniel vs Morva
  • Daniel vs Shirra
  • Daniel vs Shanoa
  • Shiira vs Griffin Guard
  • Daniel vs King Highwind
  • Daniel vs Albus vs King Highwind
  • Daniel and the Grey Dog vs Six Dogs
  • Daniel vs Skaverns
  • Daniel vs Shadow Daniel
  • Daniel and Princess Luna vs The Nightmare Ninjas

Silas Epista Edit

  • Silas vs The Denizens
  • Silas vs Atharva
  • Silas vs Bolas

Griffin The Griffin Edit

  • Griffin vs The Black Dragon
  • Griffin vs five Diamond Dogs
  • Griffin and Gilda vs five Diamond Dogs
  • Griffin and Trixie vs thirty Diamond Dogs
  • Griffin vs Echo
  • Nadene vs Carl
  • Gilda, Trixie and Nadene vs The Giant Spider ( mention only )
  • Griffin, Trixie, Gilda, Nadene, Etch, Growl, The Lemko Tribe and The Romak Tribe vs The Dragon
  • Griffin vs six Dragons
  • Griffin vs Rainbow Dash
  • Maria vs Whiplash
  • Griffin vs The Red Dragon
  • The Griffin Pirates vs The Changeling Army
  • Griffin vs Queen Chrysalis
  • Germund vs The Giant Moth and Giant Spider
  • Griffin vs Nightmare Octavia
  • Griffin vs The zoo animals
  • Griffin vs Ember
  • The Griffin Pirates vs Stone Fang and The Diamond Dogs
  • Gilda vs Diamond Dog Alpha

Wild Card Edit

  • Ace vs Iron Will
  • Ace vs Redtooth
  • Iron Will and Summer Storm vs The Pirates
  • Ace vs Kowelth Gatar Nolis
  • Iron Will, Summer Storm and The Royal Guards vs Rustjaw
  • Ace vs The Pirates
  • Ace vs Vibrant melody

Deutcanon Edit

Embrace the Darkness, Carpe Noctem Edit

  • Gunhaver vs The Harpy
  • Gunhaver vs The Cockatrice
  • Gunhaver vs The Daimond Leader and his Diamond minions
  • Gunhaver and four griffins vs two dragons
  • Gunhaver vs Magnus
  • Gunhaver vs The Banshees
  • Gunhaver, Meta, Dirk, Adrian and Machette vs The Banshees and The little Creatures

From Nobody to Knightmare Edit

  • Knightmare vs Rainbow Dash
  • Knightmare vs Queen Chrysalis
  • Queen Chrysalis vs Princess Luna
  • Knightmare vs Nightmare Octavia
  • Knightmare vs Octavia
  • Knightmare vs Shining Armor vs Princess Cadence vs Vinyl Scratch vs Octavia Melody vs Lyra Heartstrings vs Bonbon Heartstrings vs Applebloom vs Scootaloo vs Sweetie Belle

Non-Canon Edit

Havoc Edit

  • Havoc vs Screwball
  • Havoc and Drogur vs Thuryol
  • Havoc vs Blackhole
  • Havoc, Krug, Brimrock, Caedmon and Gehenna vs Black Dragons
  • Havoc vs Rake
  • Havoc vs King Sombra
  • Havoc and Shining Armor vs King Sombra
  • Havoc vs Screwball
  • Havoc and Blackhole vs Screwball and Griffon The Griffon
  • Havoc vs The Skeleton army
  • Havoc vs Bruce Mayne
  • Havoc vs Princess Cadence
  • Havoc vs The Orthos
  • Havoc vs Griffon
  • Havoc, Shining Armor, The Royal Guards vs Aio, Carbuncle and The Dragons
  • Havoc, Screwball, Aio and The Royal Guards vs Jackueline, Khal'dun, Fugde, Zebra Prisoner and Griffon Prisonor
  • Havoc vs Hygorrkon
  • Discord vs The Chess Peice Army
  • Havoc, Draken and Knightbane vs Tirek
  • Havoc and Princess Luna vs Plastic Pinocchio
  • Havoc,Coldsteel,Ibis and Lightning Dust vs The Purple Dragon, Green Dragon and Blue Dragon

Light In The Dark Edit

  • Talion vs the Giant Spider
  • Talion vs The Snow Wraith
  • Talion vs Lily

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