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This is a list of the gods and goddesses that play a role in the chessgame.


Bacchus/Dionysus: Carl the Griffin. Deceased. Originally a bully of Griffin

Celestia - Piece: Knightmare the Changeling

"Chichigami" (Paio II) - Piece: Boots "America" the Dray

Eris. Piece: Zeta the Cynogriffin

Hades. Piece: Griffin the Griffin

Lady Luck. Piece: Ace the Saytr

Lauren Faust. Piece: Drake the Draconequus

Loki. Piece: Celt the Bugbear

Malice. Piece: Ivan the Zebra

The Morgan. Piece: Elizabeth D Bellum (Harpy)

Io the Ninefold Dragon/Nicol Bolas. Piece: Silas the Draconian

Oman. ( His Real Name is Igor ) Piece: Daniel Fortesque the Stalfos

Oponn. Piece: Marty Stu the Tirek Spawn

Princess Cadance. Piece: Mimic

Selune. Piece Rumor the Shade

Tzeentch. Piece: Fudge the Minotaur

(In progress)


Discord. Piece: Guffaw the Draconequus

Eliahcus. Piece: Ragnarok the Dragon

Eunomia. Piece: Callistephus the Cynogriffin

Grogar. Piece: Alderam the Polymorph

Lauren Faust. Piece: Megan the Human

Odin. Piece: George the Human

Pan. Piece: Anders the Thorn Golem

Seshat. Piece: Andras the Cynogriffin

Tirek. Piece: Scorpan the Demon


Athena. Piece: Missy the Cow

Coralis, Piece: Adam the Iron Golem

Deceit: Oiginally Twigleaf's Chessmaster

Discord. Piece: Echo the Diamond Dog

Erebus. Piece: Gunhaver the Night Shade

Inugami. Piece: Aoi the Lunar Wolf

Hercules. Piece: Carl the Creeper

Hermes. Piece: Cole the Anung Un Rama

Morpheus. Piece: Jazz the Cat

Nayru. Piece: Omnius the Werehog

Princess Celestia. Piece: Sir Knightmare Demonbane

Princess Luna. Piece: Ember the Dragon; Captain Ferris Oxhide

Somnambula. Piece: "Mango" Jack Khajit the Bast

Terra. Piece: Twigleaf, the Timberwolf

Watcher. Piece: Alif the Sphinx

(In progress)


Burijas. Piece: Idilah the Fire Djinn

Chaos. Piece: Truenis the Ventolian

Discord. Piece: Jack Daniel the Dreamkeeper

Disharmony. Piece: Havoc.

Elune. Piece: Rune the Worgan

Karma. Piece: Jace the Automaton

Odin Allfather . Piece(s):  Garmr the Callicantzaros; Skuld the Valkyrie

Princess Luna. Piece: Razor the Argonain

Styx. Piece: Arrell the Windigo

Tirek. Piece: Hygorrkon

Treyia. Piece: Felix the Cat

(In progress)


Apollo. Piece: Cedar the Phoenix

Aphrodite. Piece: Sam the Redacted

The Cadenza Brothers. Piece: Aniseed Vortexmouth the Parasprite

Thor. Piece: Tailon the Von

The Doctor. Piece: Rorke the Anubite Skeleton

Mercury. Piece: Marc the Spirit

Gravelord Nito. Piece: Lazarus Bane

Necore. Piece: Jon the Bonelord

Princess Luna. Piece: Zeeslang the Sea Serpent

King Sombra. Piece: Penny the Husky.

Quetzalcoatl. Piece: Alex the Redacted

Thor. Piece: Tim the Rhinotaur

TIVO. Piece: Zack the Chimera

Uller. Piece: Conner the Tree Ent

(In progress)


Amaterasu. Piece: Michiko the three tailed Kitsune

The Basilisk collective. Piece: Rook the Gargoyle

Concord. Piece: Salazar the Basilsk

Death. Piece: S'Gosa the Sload

Grogar. Piece: Disdain the Kirin

Lyssa. Piece: Siktral the Dragon

Nut. Piece: Damien O'Conner the Devil Imp

Ungehorsam. Piece: Cinder the Cyndaquil

Victoria. Piece: Vixen the last One

Zirheal. Piece: Stormjaw the Sandgator

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