This is a list of known immortal races and/or beings in the Chess Game of the Gods Universe.

For Details and Description of each of the catagories see: Immortality

For the rules you need to follow to make your piece an immortal see Author Rules.

(If you wish to contribute to this page please put under the correct section and follow this template:

<Character or Race-With Link to Their Page><Canon Status>

A race or character can be under more than one catagory if it applies, but don't be redundant. For example don't put a race or being under both Biological Immortality and Complete Immortality. Complete Immortality includes Biological Immortality. You could put under bothBiological and Retroactive immortality though.)

Biological ImmortalityEdit


  • Draconequus - Canon (Consider if it needs to be put in complete immortality)
  • Draconequus minor - Non canon


Incomplete ImmortalityEdit


  • Eidolons
  • Undead
  • Wardens


  • [superdupertopsecret]

Retroactive ImmortalityEdit


  • Phoenix


Complete ImmortalityEdit


  • Gods - Canon & Non-Canon


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