• A list of every chess piece's significant party members follows


Ace the SatyrEdit

  1. Summer Storm, unicorn mare ( Stayed at Manehatten )
  2. Iron Will, renowned minotaur ( Stayed at Manhattan )
  3. Melissa Sharptooth, The older sister of the Alpha Diamond Dog Redcliff Sharptooth
  4. Gale, Pegasus Mare

Boots the Dray Edit

  1. Aurora, dragonness female

Celt the BugbearEdit

  1. Fenrir, norse wolf god
  2. Twitch, abandoned changeling
  3. Owl, young Bast male

Cheese the Jewel Edit

  1. Free Speech, unicorn mare
  2. Connor, bast male

Daniel FortesqueEdit

  1. Dracula, THE lord of darkness, in a unicorn's body
  2. Melody, earth pony ghost mare, possible love interest
  3. Jack, male diamond dog zombie spy
  4. Wisp, ghost pegasus stallion
  5. Shiira, vampire pegasus mare
  6. Morva, lizardman chess piece
  7. Marcy, zombie gryphonness alchemist; loves Daniel.

Drake the DraconequusEdit

  1. Minuette, unicorn mare, 1/4th time lord
  2. Ditzy "Derpy" Doo, pegasus mare
  3. Dinky Doo, unicorn filly
  4. Silver Wind, pegasus guardsmare
  5. Derange, chaotic consciousness of Drake's in a separate body
  6. Jyggalag, separate consciousness of Drake's representing order
  7. Wild Hunt, earth pony colt

Fudge the MinotaurEdit

  1. Lily, Earth pony mare

Griffin the GriffinEdit

  1. Gilda, gryphonness; First mate of the Griffin Pirates, girlfriend of Griffin
  2. Trixie, unicorn showmare; Second mate of the Griffin Pirates ( Deceased )
  3. Etch, diamond dog male ( left )
  4. Growl, diamond dog male ( left )
  5. Nadene, female Bast alchemist ( left )
  6. Maria, gryphonness chef ( left )
  7. Shimmer, teenaged blue dragonness ( left )
  8. Steelhorn, owner and pilot of the Possibility ( left )
  9. Geirmund Freud, genius inventor and surgeon ( Deceased )
  10. Surprise, Pinkie-esque pegasus mare
  11. Inky Pie, Tatoo artist and sister of Pinkie Pie (Meets at boot camp)

Ivan the ZebraEdit

  1. Catastrophe, gryphonness tied to Ivan by fate; also lover
  2. Boss, diamond dog female
  3. Canary, zebra stallion shaman

"Mango" Jack KhajiitEdit

  1. Ren, older bast male
  2. Atheris, avatar of a snake god trapped in a magical, soul bound bracelet

Marty StuEdit

  1. Violet Melody, earth pony mare, violinist

Mimic the ChangelingEdit

  1. ???

Silas Epista Edit

  1. Siri, a hologram that controls the ship called the Ark and is loyal to Silas
  2. Altaria Bridgette, the blackbird that likes Silas
  3. Sunset Shimmer, unicorn mare, love interest
  4. Dominika, female minotaur
  5. Diamond, female diamond dog

Zeta the CynogriffinEdit

  1. Scootaloo, adopted daughter - does not travel with


Adam the Iron GolemEdit

  1. Coralis, Goddess of the Core
  2. Written Scribe, pegasus archaeologist stallion

Aoi MyoujinEdit

  1. Eol, male diamond dog
  2. Ubi, male half-dragon, half-diamond dog
  3. Keith, human-turned-stallion; mad scientist

Echo the Diamond DogEdit

  1. Daring Do, Pegasus Mare
  2. Coconut Fronds, Earth Pony Chef
  3. Zanza, Zebra Filly
  4. Ginger Snap, Unicorn Mare
  5. Disarray, The Patchwork Prince
  6. Lyra Heartstrings, Unicorn Mare

Knightmare the ChangelingEdit

  1. Octavia Philharmonica, renowned earth pony violinist
  2. Vinscenza Staccato a.k.a. Vinyl Scratch, unicorn DJ
  3. Princess Mi Amore Cadenza a.k.a. Princess Cadence
  4. Shining Armor, Captain of the Guard
  5. Lyra Heartstrings, human obsessed unicorn mare
  6. Bonbon, 'Deep Sleeper' changeling
  7. Scootaloo[Nightmare Rocket], temporary charge
  8. Apple Bloom[Nightmare Lash], temporary charge
  9. Sweetie Belle[Nightmare Blast], temporary charge
  10. Queen Chrysalis Glasswing, Changeling High-Queen

Gunhaver the Nightshade Edit

  1. Storm Cloud, pegasus mare engineer
  2. Flamel, diamond dog alchemist
  3. Flamehoof, earth pony stallion blacksmith
  4. Star Streak, pegasus stallion navigator
  5. Check Mark, earth pony stallion bookie
  6. Camouflage, pegasus stallion scout
  7. Inject Vial, unicorn mare nurse
  8. Magnus, teenage dragon and older brother of Pearl
  9. Pearl, teenage dragon and little sister of Mangus
  10. Meta, a diamond dog who's real name is unknown

Twigleaf the TimberwolfEdit

  1. Roseluck, earth pony mare
  2. Keet, a talking parakeet

Non CanonEdit

Idilah the Fire DjinnEdit

  1. Nathan, Human turned Griffon
  2. Mitchel, Human turned Unicorn Stallion
  3. Nightheart, Male Half Dragon and Half Pony

Jace the AutomatonEdit

  1. Clockwork, Unicorn Mare inventor
  2. Quinn the Kirin ( earthpony class )
  3. Shadow the pegasus healer
  4. Robin the genetic harpy
  5. Parkour the rouge pegasus

Razor the Argonain Edit

  1. Thorax, a male changeling who was banish by Queen Chrysalis for wanting to share love instead of taking it
  2. Flash Sentry, a pegasus stallion who doesn't want to be a royal guard in training and one day wishes to be a rockstar
  3. Gabby, a famale griffin who wants a cutie mark
  4. Double Diamond, earth pony stallion skier
  5. Saffron Masala, unicorn mare great cook in her homeland

Arrell the WindigoEdit

  1. Risk Reward, unicorn stunt-stallion
  2. False Front, earth pony guardsmare
  3. Asylum, pegasus nurse mare
  4. Nimble Night, 10-year-old ninja colt


Alex the Redacted Edit

  1. Katrina (Kat) the Bast

Shadow the ZebraEdit

  1. Scarlet the unicorn medic/ archer
  2. Jade the Diamond Dog
  3. Silver Thorn (Manticore soul trapped in Shadow's sword)
  4. Nova the pegasus, twin brother to Nebula
  5. Nebula the pegasus, twin sister to Nova

Disdain the KirinEdit

  1. Ashy, Female Diamond Dog Blacksmith

Sam the Redacted Edit

  1. Brute Strength (Brutus) the Minotaur

Tim the Rhinotaur Edit

  1. Zafira, Zebra Stallion, Mage
  2. Louie, Redacted, Engineer
  3. Scotty, Redacted, Engineering assistant
  4. Big Red, Redacted
  5. Ted, Redacted

Talion the Nightwalker Edit

  1. Maggabl, a male nightwalker, shamen and Tailon's teacher
  2. Dust, a unicorn mare, Commander ( stayed )
  3. Bruiser, a male diamond dog, Dust's Bodyguard ( stayed )
  4. Buggy Gubb Paw, a male nightwalker, Archer
  5. Morgan, a female baby silver changeling, adopted by Tailon ( stayed )
  6. Lily, a female muself, Tailon's Bride
  7. Eron, a male ox minotaur, Dust's second bodyguard ( left )
  8. Hel, a female Muself, Lily's bodyguard/ninja
  9. Nightmare Moon, a little filly trapped in her own helmet
  10. Capitan Culls, a male nightwalker Captian of the guard in shadow haven
  11. Captain Browns, male griffon, Pirate
  12. Mandy, female griffin, a Hunter


Daniel the Devil ImpEdit

  1. Kaileena, Female Bast
  2. Fancy Pants, Unicorn Stallion
  3. Fleur de Lis, Unicorn Mare
  4. Osiris, male griffon
  5. Mercutio, Male Diamond Dog