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These are the weapons that each Chess Piece use for their adventure

Canon Edit

Ace's Weapons: Knife and his Deck of Cards

Celt's Weapons: Spellslinger and Hidden Blade

Griffin's Weapon: Hades

Silas' Weapons: Maelstrom and Judgement

Deuterocanon Edit

Aoi's Weapons: Kokuryu no Saishu, Corvat, Modified Handgun and Diamond Rope Dart

Gunhaver's Weapons: Pistol, Assault, Sniper, Heavy, Butterfly Knife and Bone Bolts

Knightmare's Weapons: Nyx, Sol Invicta, Lune Pertinax and Aether Rifle

Non-Canon Edit

Havoc's Weapons: Dragon Bone Hammer and Chaos Axe

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