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My Life as an Argonain is Story made by Mitchboy.

This story is about Eddie Russ a human who was on blind date

with Princess Luna in here human form and sent him Equestria

as an Argonain by kissing him to sleep. She wants him to spread

the word about Queen Chrysalis return as well as achieving victory

for the Argonains.

This Story Status is Non-Canon.

Main Characters Edit

  • Razor the Argonain
  • Princess Luna ( Razor's player )
  • Thorax the Changeling
  • Flash Sentry the Pegasus Stallion
  • Double Diamond the Earth Pony Stallion
  • Night Glider the Pegasus Mare
  • Party Favor the Unicorn Stallion
  • Suger Belle the Unicorn Mare
  • Lightning Dust the Pegasus Mare
  • Gabby the female Griffin
  • Vinyl Scratch the Unicorn Vampire Mare
  • Octavia the Earth Pony Lycan

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