'Mango' Jack Khajiit
Name 'Mango' Jack Khajiit
Alias Walter Saltak
Race Bast
Birthday March 12 1994
Age 18
Gender Male
Height 6'4"
Weight 212 lbs.
Residence Stalliongrad
Relatives Duncan Saltak (Father)/

Melissa Saltak (Mother)/ Ilene Saltak (Sister)/ Richard Saltak (Brother)/ Skeir Khajiit (Daughter)

Allegiance The Bast Tribes/

Equestria/ Bright Red

Through Feline Eyes is by Fordregha. The protagonist is 'Mango' Jack Khajiit, a Bast.

Main Theme: El Dorado from Two Steps From Hell

It's canon status is Deuterocanon & Cancelled


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