Wild Card is an adventure-comedy by Barrel-of-fun. It follows the adventures of the protagonist, Ace the Satyr, a
former magician and thief transported from Earth by Lady Luck to take part in the Chess Game as her Champion.


Ace was a street magician with a lucky streak. His luck was legendary among casino owners and fellow magicians. Any risky trick would succeed flawlessly and any gamble would pay off for him.

After performing his greatest and final trick he is brought face to face with the entity responsible for his incredible luck. The goddess of fortune herself; Lady Luck.

She offers him a deal. To become her champion, her Wild Card, and go to Equestria to spread luck among those who need it the most. So he finds himself in a magical land, in a new form, and ready for anything that comes at him. To a reasonable degree.

Main Characters:Edit

  • Ace - A dimensionally displaced satyr, thief, magician and the protagonist of the story. 
  • Summer Storm - A unicorn with a penchant for lightning-based magic and destroying anything that gets in her way. She was born in Manehatten and raised their by her father, Swift Storm. Upon coming of age she joined the local Guard and was eventually raised to the rank of Colonel.
  • Iron Will - A minotaur, ex-monster slayer, ex-motivatinal speaker and current badass. After leaving his clan he went adventuring for a while before eventually settling down as a travelling speaker. His capture by Diamond Dogs and subsequent meeting with Ace forced him out of retirement and back into the ass-kicking business.


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