The Zebrican Islands form a belt around the world of Equis. Most of the islands are not very large and many are uninhabited. Those that are have small settlements of zebras.

The islands themselves are rich in fruit produce, mostly due to their uninhabited nature.

Griffin the griffin took some time to explore them and map them out. He also claimed a large one for his own purposes.


According to Zebra legend (A Broken Peace) The islands were not populated at all until a warlord, on retreat from his brother who was in command of a massive army, barricaded his forces into the islands, thus saving his army. Accordingly, many still remain here who embrace the warrior spirit while often enough, there are those who don't.

Ivan the zebra starts here.

Islands of NoteEdit

Signal Island

Rej Island. Home to large ore mines, also home to pitch blende and uranite. _


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